Tips para que tu blanqueamiento sea un éxito

Tips to make your whitening a success

There are many of you who write to us to ask how you can optimize the results of the whitening strips.

This post is intended to perfect the method of use and some recommendations so that the results of the whitening strips are even more visible.

Mode of use.

  1. Previous brushing: it is very important to brush before putting on the strips. Basically, food debris could prevent the ingredients in the strips from acting evenly throughout the teeth.
  2. We also recommend using dental floss to remove any type of food debris for the same reason.
  3. Apply the strips: the largest one on the upper jaw, the smallest one on the lower jaw. They are strips with a special adhesive so that they can be glued without having to dry the saliva . Simply glue them in such a way that they cover 100% of the outer surface of your teeth, and fold the excess part inward. This way the strip is well anchored and will not move during the treatment.
  4. Leave to act: the recommended use is between a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. If the strips do not give you sensitivity, we recommend using them for 60 minutes to maximize results.
  5. Remove: It is a strong adhesive but there are some tricks that will make it easier to remove. Rinse water, if it is hot, better, for 1 minute. You will see that the strips now come off much better.
  6. Remove the remains of gel : Depending on the person's saliva and enamel, small remains of gel may remain. Simply rinse with water and brush (without toothpaste) to remove 100% of the gel.

Recommendations :

  • Toothpaste : From most to least recommended
    • Toothpaste with Hydroxyapatite : very useful for maintaining and remineralizing enamel, whitening teeth and without altering the effectiveness of the whitening strips. Furthermore, it is totally harmless to our body.
    • Whitening toothpaste : normally does not increase whitening but will not affect the whitening effectiveness of the strips.
    • Paste for sensitive teeth: What our strips do is open the pore and extract the yellowish substances from inside. What these pastes do is close the pore of the enamel, thereby DRASTICALLY reducing the result of the whitening strips.
    • Pastes with chlorhexidine: it is very important not to use these pastes, since they permanently stain the teeth gray. Only use it under your dentist's prescription.

TIPS to enhance teeth whitening

  • During the 28 days of treatment + 5 additional days (33 days in total) try to follow a white diet. The pore of the enamel will open more every day, and just as we extract the yellowish substances from the tooth, they can also enter.
  • Eliminate tea, coffee and tobacco for 33 days . If you can't stand it, try drinking coffee or tea with milk or even with a straw. In the case of tobacco you can use mouthpieces. The important thing is that the substance, whether coffee, tea or tobacco, does not directly impact the enamel surface. When finished, rinse with water and if you can, brush your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth 3 times a day : it would be ideal to do it throughout your life, but if for “x” reasons you cannot, try to do it for 33 days (28+5).
  • When you are going to choose a toothpaste to accompany the treatment, we recommend that you do not use a colored toothpaste. Make sure it's white.

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