Pros y contras de un blanqueamiento dental profesional

Pros and cons of professional teeth whitening

What techniques exist for teeth whitening?
There are different techniques for teeth whitening. Let's see the best known

1.- Professional whitening

Gel whitening

    In this system, molds are made the exact size of the patient's mouth. At home, the patient places the tray with gel, allowing it to act according to the dentist's instructions. The gel is then removed. This treatment is carried out as many times as necessary to achieve the desired white tooth and always under the recommendation of the professional since the gel is normally composed of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, a highly abrasive chemical for the enamel.

      • Whitening with photoactivation

    This treatment is performed in professional centers and consists of applying a layer of whitening gel and then applying LED light. Whitening is achieved in about 30 minutes. If desired, a second session can be carried out after 15 days. It is a treatment that does not cause any type of discomfort; alone and in some cases hypersensitivity to heat or cold that ends up disappearing. Just as in the first case, it is a treatment that must be carried out by a dentist since the whitening active ingredients could cause irreversible damage if not carried out correctly.

    2.-Whitening at home.

    Within this field there are many possibilities. From toothpastes with a whitening effect to the most innovative products such as whitening strips .

    We will tell you about it in another article, but we will tell you that in Europe it is prohibited to sell products with a peroxide concentration above 0.1% (only professionals can perform treatments with a higher concentration).

    Be very careful, through platforms such as AMAZON or even their own e-commerce, peroxide products with dangerous concentrations for oral health are being sold illegally .



    Professional treatments


    • Immediate
    • Allows selective whitening (even if you have some false teeth)


    • High price: €200-700
    • Need to attend a professional center
    • Highly abrasive products

    Home treatments


    • Economical price: €20-€60 (DR. INUK strips for €29.99 )
    • You can apply it at home, without professional supervision
    • Easy to apply and in just a few minutes
    • You can achieve the same result as with a professional whitening treatment.


    Knowledge is power

    We want our clients to be as informed as possible so that they consciously make their oral hygiene decisions.

    At Dr. INUK we believe that oral health is vital to having iron health. And for this, it is vitally important to have the habit of maintaining good hygiene. For this reason, we create honest, accessible and simple products focused on simplifying the habits that really matter in oral health.

    Why is oral health so important? Well, because it has been scientifically proven that the general health of the body is directly related bi-directionally to the health of the mouth. You can read more here.

    Furthermore, in recent years, we have detected that most people do not like the experience of oral hygiene products and it is the main reason why people do not get into the habit.

    Our first product, Dr. INUK whitening strips , are formulated with Sodium Chlorite, which has whitening power, but also has the ability to eliminate bacteria that produce plaque from the surface of the teeth. This will help you whiten your teeth and keep plaque and, as a result, cavities at bay.

    If you have questions, you can write to our WhatsApp (lower left corner of our website) to have a personalized response, recommend you and help you in the purchasing process.
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