Los 5 mitos sobre la salud oral

The 5 myths about oral health


We have already told you in other blog posts how important oral health is, not only in terms of having a prettier smile and being able to eat and digest better, but also in terms of general health (dementia, heart disease, etc.). If what we are saying sounds strange to you, you will surely be interested in this post on our blog.

What if we told you that what you have been doing or believing all your life is actually harmful to your dental health?

There are assumptions about oral health that are not true and their continued use can lead to bad practices and cause infections in the mouth or other more complex oral conditions. On the other hand, depending on the oral needs and circumstances of each individual, it is normal to have doubts and standardize daily oral hygiene practices, but be careful with false assumptions and do not take as truth everything you see or read on social networks. Information that is not from a professional oral health entity should be questioned and compared. Today, the speed at which false assumptions spread as absolute truths can lead to bad practices.


  • The stronger and more durable the brushing, the better.

Many people think that the faster and stronger the brushing is the better, they believe that applying greater pressure or using a stiff bristle brush is the best way to remove plaque from the teeth; when in reality they can harm them. Brushing your teeth too vigorously can deteriorate the enamel, irritate the gums, causing tooth discomfort or pain and/or bleeding gums.

The secret to good brushing is called consistency, not force.


  • The best mouthwash is the one that stings the most.

Something similar happens with rinses. Many people choose stronger flavored mouthwashes thinking that it is better. But the important thing is not the flavor, but the ingredients and quality of the product . Some of the most itchy mouthwashes have alcohol in their composition (which is not even positive for your oral health) or do not remove tartar properly.


Mouthwashes should contain Fluoride , which remineralizes tooth enamel , giving teeth hardness and making them more resistant to cavities.

It is recommended that they do not contain alcohol and that they are reinforced with antibacterial agents that act against the germs that develop in dental plaque.


  • Gum bleeding is normal.

It's simple, healthy gums don't bleed . The presence of gingival bleeding means that there is some type of inflammation in the gums, usually caused by plaque formation on the surface of the teeth.

One of the first symptoms of gingivitis is gingival bleeding which, if not treated in time, can lead to periodontitis, an irreversible and more serious disease. So, if your gums bleed you should book a visit to your dentist.


  • Chewing gum can replace oral hygiene.

Some TV advertisements have done a lot of harm and have miseducated the consumer. As long as the gum is sugar-free, the chewing action will be beneficial for dental self-cleaning, since it promotes the production and secretion of saliva, rich in salts that protect the enamel BUT, under no circumstances, chewing gum cannot replace brushing. dental and other oral hygiene habits.

  • Dental floss is useless .

We know from our consumer surveys that not everyone uses it, but it is as necessary as a toothbrush or mouthwash. We could say that he is the middle brother. The brush removes the thickest part of the dental plaque and the small particles and bacteria that remain between the teeth because the brush does not reach. But what happens to the larger food particles and debris left between the teeth that the brush has not been able to remove? Here the protagonist is dental floss!

Our recommendation here is to use dental floss that is as natural as possible, especially because used dental floss is not recycled due to its low weight and size; and most end up in places where there should not be a gram of plastic, the sea.



Knowledge is power

We want our clients to be as informed as possible so that they consciously make their oral hygiene decisions.

At Dr. INUK we believe that oral health is vital to having iron health. And for this, it is vitally important to have the habit of maintaining good hygiene. For this reason, we create honest, accessible and simple products focused on simplifying the habits that really matter in oral health.

Why is oral health so important? Well, because it has been scientifically proven that the general health of the body is directly related bi-directionally to the health of the mouth. You can read more here.

Furthermore, in recent years, we have detected that most people do not like the experience of oral hygiene products and it is the main reason why people do not get into the habit.

Our first product, Dr. INUK whitening strips , are formulated with Sodium Chlorite, which has whitening power, but also has the ability to eliminate bacteria that produce plaque from the surface of the teeth. This will help you whiten your teeth and keep plaque and, as a result, cavities at bay.

If you have questions, you can write to our WhatsApp (lower left corner of our website) to have a personalized response, recommend you and help you in the purchasing process.
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