¿Funcionan los blanqueadores con v34?

Do whiteners work with v34?

Do whiteners work with v34 ?

Surely you have seen advertisements for lilac toothpaste. These are made with a patented dye that has a whitening function. But really?

First of all, at Dr. INUK we have professionals who are experts in oral care and the development of dental products, that is, we know what we are talking about with complete certainty. Although at the moment we only have whitening products, we are developing more oral care products, our goal is to educate the population on how to obtain the best possible oral health, improving their habits and also providing innovative solutions to the main conditions.

That said, and returning to the topic of v34 , it is a product that has caused a lot of fury on social networks, but it is not a product that consumers have really liked. You just need to look at the REAL opinions (for example, those of AMAZON) of consumers. And it is a product that does not work for everyone and it is not really a bleach either.

v34 is an ingredient with a specific lilac color range. It is the opposite color to yellow on the color wheel. That is, if you put lilac and yellow together, it would become white, incredible but true.

The issue is that not everyone has the same yellow, nor do all the products on the market have acceptable quality, since 90% of these products are manufactured in China.

Getting more to the point, what toothpaste does is a “makeup effect”, that is, it stays on the surface of the tooth and gives a false white effect. When you put the thin layer of lilac on top of the yellow of the teeth, it looks whiter, it is an optical illusion. And as makeup, it has a limited effect, since after a few minutes, hours (depending on whether you eat, the person, the pH of the saliva) its effect completely fades.

I mean, does it work?
Yes, but like makeup

Does it offer you permanent whitening?
No, it only lasts minutes or a few hours

Is it bad for enamel?
No, it's just makeup. It will not damage your enamel at all or irritate your gums.

Does it work for everyone?
No, it only works in a range of specific yellows and not all products on the market are of good quality.

Do we recommend it?
If you want to have an instant result (but we emphasize, TEMPORARY), yes,
If what you are looking for is permanent whitening that will last a few years, you have other options such as professional whitening at dentists or our Dr. Inuk Whitening Strips.

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