Finalistas a los premios de MEN'S HEALTH

Finalists for the MEN'S HEALTH awards

Dr. Inuk is a Finalist in the Prestigious CUIDATE 2023 Awards with his Whitening Adhesive Strips for Home Use

Madrid, October 27, 2023 - Within the framework of the outstanding CUIDATE 2023 Awards, Dr. Inuk is proud to announce that he has been recognized as a finalist for his innovative Whitening Adhesive Strips for Home Use. This award highlights excellence in men's grooming and enshrines Dr. Inuk's commitment to oral health and overall well-being.

Dr. Inuk Whitening Adhesive Strips are a revolutionary solution for those looking for effective and convenient teeth whitening in the comfort of their home. These strips adhere to the outer layer of your teeth, removing stains, brightening, and providing a dazzling shine to your tooth enamel. What's notable is that they are free of peroxide and abrasive products, making them a safe option even for those with dental sensitivity. The recommended usage regimen is 28 days to achieve optimal results.

Rating of the CUIDATE 2023 Awards: Respect for Gums, Discreet White and Trust Backed by Dentists

The jury of the CUIDATE 2023 Awards praised Dr. Inuk's Whitening Adhesive Strips for their respect for the gums, their ability to achieve a discreet white and, above all, for the support of their development by expert dentists. This professional and careful approach results in a product that not only transforms smiles, but also ensures long-term oral health.

Dr. Inuk sincerely appreciates this prestigious recognition and reaffirms his continued commitment to innovation in men's grooming. These awards are a testament to the positive impact Whitening Adhesive Strips are having on the lives of those seeking a brighter, healthier smile from the comfort of their home.

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About Dr. Inuk

Dr. Inuk is a leader in the field of men's grooming, with a dedicated focus on oral health and overall well-being. Their products, backed by the experience of expert dentists, have gained recognition for their effectiveness and safety.

Its products are found in the best parapharmacies and dental clinics in Spain.

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