El blanco ideal de tus dientes está en tus ojos

The ideal white of your teeth is in your eyes

In the search for a dazzling smile, we often wonder what the perfect white for our teeth is . The answer may be closer than we think, in the pure, healthy whites of our eyes . Just as the whites of the eyes reflect vitality and ocular well-being, the maximum white for teeth whitening can find its equivalent in this luminous sphere.


The Whites of the Eyes as a Reference for Visual Health and Facial Aesthetics

When we think about a healthy smile, we often focus on the whiteness of our teeth, but we forget that oral health and eye health are more connected than we imagine. The clear whites of the eyes, known as the sclera, are a visual indicator of health and vitality. A clear, undiscolored sclera suggests not only good eye health, but also general well-being.


Parallelism between the Whites of the Eyes and Dental Whiteness

The relationship between the whites of the eyes and the ideal color for whitening teeth is no coincidence. Both elements are at the forefront of our facial expression. A bright smile and radiant eyes form a harmonious whole that reflects health and youth. And when we look at our teeth, unconsciously, our brain is comparing the white of the teeth with the white of our eyes, the only white we have on our face. And of course, if there is a difference, we may have the perception that the teeth are not white enough.


Teeth Whitening: Searching for the Ideal White

When considering teeth whitening, it is essential to remember that the key is not to achieve extreme whiteness, but to achieve a shade that harmonizes with the whites of the eyes and facial expression. Natural variation in tooth color is normal, and the goal is not to standardize, but to enhance the unique beauty of each smile.


Tips for Natural and Healthy Teeth Whitening:

1. Buy quality products: Before embarking on any teeth whitening process, it is crucial to have quality products. There are endless teeth whitening products and some are very cheap. But don't be too careful, there are many products that are manufactured outside of Europe and use ingredients that are dangerous for your enamel and gums.

2. Maintaining Oral Health: A good dental care regimen, including regular brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups, is essential to maintaining the whiteness and health of your teeth. Over time and mainly due to food consumption and some habits, teeth have a tendency to turn yellow. That is why you can do maintenance treatments with the original dental strips whenever you see fit.

3. Forget miracle products: Opt for whitening methods that provide gradual results and avoid extreme solutions that may compromise dental health.

In conclusion, the search for a brilliant smile goes beyond reaching an extreme target. By considering the whites of the eyes as a reference, we can find the perfect balance that reflects not only whiter teeth, but comprehensive oral health and harmonious facial expression. True beauty lies in the health and authenticity of our smile. Smile with confidence and health!
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