A teeth whitening solution known as V34 has been seen a lot on social media lately. It is a purple toothpaste or foam.
This week our experts wanted to emphasize this type of product and make their opinion known.

v34 is a makeup

The headline says it all, purple paste is makeup. The toothpaste that has apparently become so popular is a color corrector. Violet is the opposite color to yellow. When the violet color is applied on top of the yellow, it acts as a filter and creates an optical effect that makes the teeth appear whiter.

So far everything is correct, the point is that its effect is temporary. That is, it does not last more than a few minutes, since this thin violet layer fades due to saliva itself and friction with our oral epithelium. And therefore, we can say that the product works but temporarily and does not permanently whiten the teeth.

In the same way, it is a safe product that does not affect the enamel or the gums, since its effect is superficial and does not irritate the tissues or oxidize the enamel.

Finally, let's talk about effectiveness. Works? Yes, but not to everyone. Basically, as we have said, the product has an optical effect on the yellowness of the teeth. The thing is, it doesn't work equally well with all yellow tones. For this reason, it works differently for each person.

As in other posts on this blog, our mission is to inform our readers in a clear, transparent and direct way , so that they themselves make correct purchasing decisions. To do this, we encourage you to search for products on platforms like AMAZON where the majority of opinions are verified and it is more difficult for the opinions to have been invented by the brands themselves.

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