Discover the truth about glycerin in toothpastes and protect your smile!

Although some have raised concerns about its impact on the natural remineralization of teeth, the reality is different.

Glycerin is an ingredient commonly found in toothpastes due to its ability as a binder, humectant, and texture protector . This essential component also plays a fundamental role in artificial saliva.

Glycerin is water-soluble , meaning it can be easily removed with saliva or water , allowing the minerals to reach the tooth enamel and support the remineralization process. Therefore, its presence in toothpastes does not hinder this important tooth strengthening process.

For those looking for a toothpaste that not only cleans, but also nourishes and supports the oral microbiome, hydroxyapatite presents itself as an excellent option. However, it is crucial to avoid products that contain harsh chemical ingredients, pesticides and essential oils, as they could be harmful to your oral health in the long term.

In short, glycerin is not your dental enemy! On the contrary, its presence in toothpastes is not only safe, but also contributes to maintaining a healthy and radiant smile.

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